Breeding kissing gouramis

kissing gouramis kissing
kissing gouramis

Breeding kissing gouramis

What you will need

  • 4 foot aquarium 24inch deep
  • floating plants
  • many tough plants
  • 4 or 5 adult kissing gouramis
  • sponge filtration

Kissing gourami general care

They can be a community fish when small but they will grow. When they get bigger they may bully smaller fish. It is best to keep them with boisterous fish of a similar size. Good tank mates may be blue gourami or similar. They can grow to 6 inches or more and will live a long time if well cared for, as many as 10 years or more.
Generally care for the kissing gouramis by providing algae in the aquarium. Kissing gouramis lips are designed for scraping algae off rocks. You will often see them kissing an algae covered surface. Feeding infusoria to the adults by having lettuce leaves placed in the aquarium is also possible. As the leaves rot, infusoria will be produced.
Gouramis eat a varied diet and eat dried fish foods without complaint.
Keep kissing gouramis at 76F with hardness between 5-30dh and a ph of 7.5. But water parameters are not critical. They are a strong and hardy fish.

Kissing gourami breeding preparation

When breeding raise the temperature to 82F and soften the water with rain water or reverse osmosis water. The ideal ph when breeding is 7ph. Kissing gouramis can be conditioned for breeding by feeding live food and cucumber and lettuce.
Unlike other gouramis, the kissing gourami does not build a bubble nest. So it takes skill to know when the fish are ready to breed. Keep a close eye on any fish that starts to plump up this will be a female. The male and female will darken slightly when they are ready to mate. Also watch to see if any of the fish become interested in each other by kissing. This is not a good indicator because kissing gouramis will kiss each other for dominance anyway. When these signs occur keep an eye on the aquarium every evening and night and you may be lucky to catch them breeding. Also check early morning for any signs of eggs or fry amongst the floating plants.

Kissing gourami breeding behaviour

When breeding occurs the female will nudge the male in the stomach. Then the male and female will kiss on the lips and on the sides of the body. Being a gourami they breed by the male embracing the female by curving his body around the female and squeezing. The male will end up beneath the female as she lays eggs and he fertilises them. They produce batches of fertilised eggs until they are exhausted. Spawning usually occurs late evening or early night. There may be as many as 10,000 eggs produced, which float up and adhere to plants and other objects near the surface.
Most of the time breeding seems to occur by accident. In such cases it is a matter of emergency action. The aquarist must try to rescue as many of the eggs or fry as possible and quickly prepare infusoria for them. The floating plants provide cover for the eggs and fry so that a percentage of the fry survive, even if breeding has not been observed.

Raising the young of kissing gourami

The eggs will hatch in 1 day and will become free swimming after another 3 days. They will feed off the infusoria on the lettuce for the first couple of days. After that a steady supply of infusoria must be supplied until the young are old enough to eat brine shrimp.

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