Breeding fish L-R

female yellow lab mouth brooding
female electric yellow lab mouth brooder

Breeding licorice gouramis

Breeding livebearers: the basics
Breeding livebearers: advanced
Breeding lyretail killifish (aphyosemion australe)
Breeding Malawi fish

Breeding Malawi peacock fish (aulonocara species)

Breeding mollies

Breeding oscars

Breeding paradise fish

Breeding pearl gouramis

Breeding piranhas

Breeding platies

Breeding rainbow fish

rosy barb males
rosy barb males

Breeding rasboras

Breeding rosy barbs

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  1. It dedenps on the It dedenps on the requirements of the specific fish and the size that the individual fish gets. I know someone who has a 5 gallon nano aquarium and has kept this rare, small Goby in the tank for almost 6 years now and it is doing great. If the environment is established and stable, the right species of fish can definitely live in a nano aquarium.


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