Breeding Dwarf Gouramis

male dwarf gouramiBreeding dwarf gouramis is relatively easy. They mature quickly so you won’t have to wait too long before your fish are ready to breed. Buying a young pair male and female is all you need to get started.

The tank should be 15 gallons and be a shallow tank. Put a lot of plants in there to afford hiding places for the female. Some floating plants, like duckweed, can be useful too to fix the bubble nest. An internal sponge filter can be used. Make sure the outflow from the filter is dampened by bushy plants to prevent strong outflows.

The temperature should be about 82f. Feed the pair four times a day with live food or high protein pellets (the smaller size) that fit into the fishes mouth. Any excess uneaten food must be removed after a few minutes.

After a week of priming the couple, they should be ready. The males colour will be brighter and the female will be plumper.

However, if the male has not built his nest then lower the tank water level to about 7 inches and raise the temperature to 84F.

When the male starts to build a nest lower the water level to 7 inches, if you haven’t done so already.

male female dwarf gourami breeding embrace

When the female is ready she will follow the male under the nest. The male then wraps his body round the female and squeezes her sides. This will cause her to release eggs which he fertilises. The eggs float down. She will faint, while the male chases puts the eggs into the nest. This continues many times until she is empty of eggs. The male will then tend to the nest and add some more bubbles to strengthen it.

At this point it is better to remove the female and leave the male to take care of the nest.

After 24 hours the eggs hatch but the fry are not free swimming. They will still be feeding off their yolk sacs. After 3 days the fry will become free swimming. At this point remove the male as well and start to feed infusoria. They are too small for brine shrimp.

Creating infusoria

After a week or so start feeding with brine shrimp and microworms.

Culturing microworms

Culturing Brine Shrimp

After another two weeks introduce ground flake food and slowly wean off the brine shrimp.

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  1. worth noting that dwarf gouramis have microscopic fry. Smaller than most fish.
    I used boiled egg yolk sieved through a J cloth and some green algae water…
    Roses or cut flowers when they are done, the water is full of infusoria… cloudy water and ideal for first week or two


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