Betta Fish Colors

Betta fish colors seem to be without limit. It is not a question of asking what color but of asking what shade of a particular color can I find in a Betta fish. This is an article on betta fish colors and betta fish patterns. Below are pictures with explanations.

Solid Betta Fish Colors

Yellow Bettas

yellow siamese fighter male yellow siamese fighting fish champion

On the left is a yellow crown tail betta. On the right a yellow half moon plakat betta fish. Half moon plakats are abbreviated to HMPK. Often these fish have pinkish areas around the gills or are a washed out yellow. The best solid yellows are full yellow and are known as super yellows.

Red Bettas

red siamese fighting fish male red siamese fighting fish male

Here are two solid red betta fish. To the left is a HMPK betta fish. To the right a red veiltail betta. Reds are difficult to get to breed true. Many of the offspring from 2 reds will have a washed out colour. The best reds are a solid red colour and are known as super reds. Breeders tend to keep their better full red bettas while selling the off-red or red dotted bettas. It is rare to see quality full super reds for sale.

Blue Bettas

blue siamese fighting fish male blue siamese fighting fish male

Here are two veiltail betta males in true solid blue colour. There are two shades of blue, royal blue and turquoise blue. The royal blue is the more prized color. When breeding a pair of blue betta, some of their offspring will be royal blue and some turquoise blue.

Purple Bettas

purple betta fish purple siamese fighting fish male

On the left is a purple HMPK betta fish. On the right is a purple veiltail betta.

 Green Bettas

green siamese fighting fish green siamese fighting fish male

On the left is a green crown tail betta. On the right is a green half moon betta.

 Pink Bettas

pink siamese fighting fish male pink siamese fighting fish male

On the left is a young pink betta. On the right is a pink HMPK betta.

White Bettas

white siamese fighting fish male white siamese fighting fish male

On the left is a white delta tailed betta. On the right is a white HMPK betta fish.

Black Bettas

black siamese fighting fish black siamese fighting fish male

These are two black plakat tail bettas. The best blacks are a solid matt black colour, the same black as in a black molly.

 Orange Bettas

orange siamese fighting fish male orange siamese fighting fish male

On the left is an orange rose tail betta. On the right is an orange HMPK betta.

Orange is one of the hardest colours to achieve for betta breeders.

Mixed Betta Fish Colors

 Koi Bettas

female galaxy koi hmpk speckled male koi betta

Fancy koi betta are mixed coloured high pedigree which are bred for their sparkling colours rather than any fancy finnage. Koi means 3 coloured marbled effect. The three colours are usually red white and black(or blue). The newer koi bettas sometimes have a splash of sparkling blue dotted scales along the sides of the body. These koi are known as galaxy koi. The fish on the above left is a female galaxy koi HMPK.

Butterfly bettas

pink and red dragon rosetail butterfly betta red green and black butterfly betta with dragon scales and halfmoon tail

Butterfly refers to the colour bands in the tail, dorsal and ventral fins of the betta. There may be two bands of colour or three. The best specimens have distinct separate colours with no bleeding and the bands should be of equal width.

Marble bettas

Blue and pink marble plakat style betta pink and white marble plakat betta

The marble betta is the pre-runner of the koi betta. But instead of having 3 colours in a marble effect, there are only 2 colours on the body of a marble betta.

Chocolate bettas

chocolate halfmoon dumbo ears betta chocolate halmoon betta

The chocolate betta should look brown to the eye but there is a tendency for brown to have an orange hue to it.

Grizzle bettas

grizzle brown on pink halfmoon betta grizzle blue on pink halfmoon plakat betta

This is when a darker colour is peppered over a pink or white base colour

Copper bettas

red copper dragon halfmoon plakat betta Red copper halfmoon betta

This is when the scales have a metallic coating. The colour may be green, mauve or dark red. When you shine a light on the fish you will get a myriad of colours reflected back.

Black Samurai bettas​

BLACK-SAMURAI-FEMALE male-black-samurai-hmpk

Black samurai bettas have the dragon scales layered over the back and below the scales are usually normal solid black scales. This fish is a derivative of the black dragon betta. There are other Samurai colors too. The best specimens have a near horizontal divide between the black and white that appears jaggedy. The fish above left is a black samurai HMPK female and the fish on the right is a male of the same variety.

Blue Rim Betta


Blue rim bettas are a newer variety. The betta has a solid white base, while the fins have a blue edging to them.

Dragon Bettas​

male black dragon betta hmpk male red dragon betta

A dragon betta is a betta fish with metallic white scales on its body that are slightly raised and are well pronounced. They are thought to resemble the scales of a dragon. Above left is a male black dragon HMPK and on the right is a male red dragon HMPK.

Alien Bettas​

blue alien betta hmpk blue alien betta hmpk

An alien betta is a hybrid between betta splendens and betta betta mahachaiensis. This gives the betta a metallic speckled colour. Blue and green varieties are available.

Tiger Bettas​

yellow tiger hmpk betta red-tiger-koi

A tiger betta is a red based, orange or yellow based fish with distinctive black blotches in the pattern reminiscent of tigers.

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